Who Rides in What Camp?

  • Adventure Riding Camp is suitable for Advanced Beginners and above, ages 6 and up. Adventure Riding Camp teams and activities are determined based on riders’ skill level. (Note: in our Walnut Creek location Adventure Riding Camp is suitable for Intermediate and Advanced riders only)
  • Two Wheelers Club is designed for Novice and Beginner riders, ages 5 – 8. Two Wheelers also is appropriate for kids in this age range who can ride but whose confidence and stamina aren’t up to the challenges of Adventure Riding Camp or Camp Cruisin’.
  • One-Day Camps (also sometimes called Mini-Camps) are for Advanced Beginners and up.
  • Camp Cruisin’ (Walnut Creek location only) is suitable for Advanced Beginner riders, ages 6-9.
  • Skill level for other programs may vary; please see requirements in the program descriptions.

If you’re not sure where your child should be placed, contact us and we’ll figure it out together.

Skill Levels


Novice riders can’t ride two-wheels by themselves; they only ride with the aide of training wheels or someone holding them up. Novices don’t have the balance needed to use a balance bike.


Beginner riders can balance and pedal on two-wheels. They have difficulty starting and stopping on their own without falling, swerve from side to side, and have difficulty turning. They typically drag their feet to stop rather than using brakes. We also classify Beginners as those who are fearful or hesitant about riding, and who don’t have the stamina or desire for “adventure riding.”

Advanced Beginner

Advanced Beginners can ride two-wheels and have achieved the fundamentals of riding: independent starting, stopping, use of brakes, and controlled turning. They are capable of riding on most flat or slightly inclined bike paths and are able to stand while coasting for short distances. These riders can avoid or go over obvious obstacles, and can ride 50 feet without veering off course. They are not comfortable taking a hand off the handlebars and have difficulty managing sharp turns. Advanced Beginners have the stamina to ride about 30 minutes on flat terrain before needing a break.


Intermediate riders are comfortable riding two-wheels. They can ride on pavement or dirt, go off curbs and small jumps, ride with one hand for long distances, use hand signals, ride fast, ride slow, and generally “mess around” on their bikes. They often have gears on their bikes but usually aren’t efficient using them. Intermediate riders can ride for about 45 minutes before needing a rest stop. This group is particularly prone to their skills outpacing common sense and are good candidates for intensive training in safe riding practices.


Advanced riders are very comfortable on their bikes and have the bicycling skills and mental focus required to ride on city streets for long distances and handle a variety of different riding surfaces and conditions. They are comfortable enough on their bikes to be able to navigate streets, regional roads, fire roads, and non-technical single-track safely and efficiently. Use of gears is effective on flats and climbs. Advanced Riders have the stamina to ride an hour or more without need for a rest.

NOTE: To participate in Advanced rider activities the rider must be middle school age unless Wheel Kids staff approves a younger rider based on skill and maturity. Advanced riders may receive higher-level training during weekly skills activities and may undertake longer rides. Road or mountain bikes with minimum 24″ wheel size and multiple gears (front and rear) are highly recommended – please contact us to discuss exceptions. Any child under age 10 listed as Advanced will be categorized by Wheel Kids as Intermediate.