Learn to ride! Improve your skills! Have fun!
Be awesome!

Wheel Kids’ private riding lessons provide one-on-one instruction for children age 5 and up of any cycling ability. Whether your child’s goal is to master riding without training wheels or advanced-level safety skills instruction our coaches can provide an individualized program to meet your needs.

Please note: No lessons are available from Memorial Day through the last weekend of August so we can concentrate on our summer camps.

To determine your child’s riding skill level please refer to our Rider Skills Categories list.

  • Lessons typically occur on weekends.
  • Location can be arranged somewhere mutually convenient.

As with any lesson in any topic we can’t guarantee that your child(ren) will achieve all of their or your goals. Every child learns differently and every child’s outlook on bike riding is different. Our coaches are excellent in teaching skills that make bike riding easier and safer. They can’t teach a child to “want to ride” or to “like to ride.” Please be sure that your child is interested in bike riding to make the lesson more efficient and more pleasurable for your child.

Fees & Registration

  • Private lessons (one child)
    • 1 hour: $75
  • Semi-private lessons (two children)
    • 1 hour: $120 total
  • Transportation surcharge for lessons provided outside of our three locations
    • 10 – 20 miles: $20
    • 21 – 30 miles: $35
  • Payment and Participant Agreement form are required before each lesson begins.

For Novice/Beginner level riders or riders under age 9 we require a minimum of two lessons in order to account for time spent checking the bike and building rapport with your child.

See our Refunds page for information on refunds and cancellations.


Lessons are available throughout most of the school year when we have available staff. No lessons are available from Memorial Day through the last weekend of August so we can concentrate on our summer camps.

To Register

Please follow the steps below to register, and be sure to provide us with ALL information requested in order to complete your registration.

Step One: Contact Us

To get started please email us with the following information:

  • Child(ren)’s name and age(s).
  • First and second choice date(s) and time.
  • Child(ren)’s current Skill level.
  • Desired Skill level.
  • Your preferred phone number.
  • Any behavioral issues or tactics our coach should be aware of.

We’ll contact you to schedule your lesson plan at a convenient time and location.

Step Two: Payment

Once a date and time has been established we’ll send a PayPal invoice for payment.

Please note that we cannot provide a lesson without advance payment.

Step Three: Participant Agreement

Please download, complete, and email or mail the Participant Agreement. This Agreement form also will be attached to the PayPal invoice. The Agreement form must be received before the date of the lesson.