Required Items

  • Riders must bring a working bicycle. Helmets are required by Wheel Kids and by state law. Please see Event Rule #2 for our helmet policy. See our Bike Buying Guide if you have questions about buying a new bike.
  • No open toe shoes and no clothing that can become entangled in the bike – we recommend sneakers and long pants or capris. Please note that sunburn is more likely with short pants and t-shirts.
  • Please provide a hearty lunch every day (please note: the kids get very hungry), along with water and snack. To avoid potential food allergy problems we rely on you to supply sufficient food for your child. Please provide us any necessary information about allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Layered clothing is a must for our region’s mix of sun, wind and fog. Rain jackets and rain shoes/boots are recommended if rain is in the forecast. Long/full fingered gloves may be desirable on colder days. Camp t-shirts can be purchased at registration, or any time by contacting us.
  • A sturdy backpack will be needed throughout the day for lunch, water, clothes, etc. Please no shoulder bags; fanny packs are strongly discouraged. Ensure in advance that the backpack fits and does not sag on the bicycle’s rear wheel.

Recommended Items

We suggest the following items as they can increase riders’ comfort and safety: cycling gloves, sunglasses and a bike bell. A hand towel may be desirable for sandy feet if we visit a beach. We’ll have sunscreen available, but request you provide your own if you have a product preference.