Parents/guardians and participants must be familiar with the following rules prior to arrival at Wheel Kids events. Wheel Kids’ coaches will review the Participant’s Rules with event participants.

Willful or frequent disregard for these rules will result in a warning from a Wheel Kids coach, discussion with parent/guardian, and possible dismissal from Wheel Kids events. Should dismissal or voluntary withdrawal occur, there shall be no entitlement for refund. Not all rules will be in this list; you’re responsible for following all instructions from Wheel Kids staff.

Wheel Kids’ Club Rules are intended to

  • ensure the safety of our participants and staff
  • provide mutual understanding among Wheel Kids, participants, and families of policies and procedures
  • reinforce the content of the applicable Participant Agreement with additional detail.



  1. Follow coaches’ instructions at all times.
  2. Keep your ears and eyes open while at Wheel Kids events. Leave personal electronics (iPod, DS, etc.) at home. Any such devices brought to camp may be held by the coaches until afternoon pick-up. Mobile phones may be used for emergency purposes only, as approved by Wheel Kids coaches. Wheel Kids is not responsible for loss or damage to participants’ personal belongings.
  3. All bike riding must be supervised and approved by a Wheel Kids coach.
  4. Restroom visits: the buddy system will be used for restroom visits. Stay with your buddy until everyone’s done in the restroom.
  5. Stay with the group. If you get separated, stay where you are. We will catch up or come back for you.
  6. Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.
  7. No stunts, racing, bumping or pushing. Keep your hands to yourself while riding.
  8. Yield or stop for pedestrians.
  9. Ride and use your own equipment: no sharing of bicycles or helmets.
  10. Eat your lunch and snacks: don’t share them.
  11. No soft drinks at Wheel Kids events.
  12. Possession or use of drugs, alcohol and weapons is strictly forbidden at Wheel Kids events.


  1. Treat others as you wish to be treated: respect, kindness, compassion.
  2. Inappropriate language (obscenity, gestures, insults) is not acceptable.
  3. Fighting, physical aggression, and physical and verbal intimidation are not acceptable, will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal from Wheel Kids.
  4. Treat your stuff, and others’ stuff, with respect. The storage, protection and safety of your personal property is your responsibility.


If something’s bothering you, you have questions, or you need something, talk with a coach. We’re here for you.


The following rules apply to all participants in Wheel Kids events and also provide guidance for families in preparing their children for Wheel Kids events.

  1. FUNCTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Participants must provide their own safe and operable bicycle and helmet for use during Wheel Kids events. Wheel Kids may provide instructions to campers regarding rudimentary bicycle care practices, including flat tire repair, seat and handlebar adjustment, chain lubrication and inspection of nuts, bolts and other fasteners. Under no circumstances is Wheel Kids liable or responsible for damage to participants’ bicycle and other equipment or personal property.
  2. HELMETS: Wheel Kids does not permit the use of helmets with decorative 3-D features (e.g., “mohawks,” ears, fins, etc.). Cameras, lights and similar equipment attached to helmets are used at your own risk. Please contact us if you have any question about appropriate helmet types or fit.
  3. LATE PICKUP: Please pick up your child on time. Late pickup will be assessed the following fees:
    • 0-15 minutes late: $20
    • 16-30 minutes late: $45
    • Over 30 minutes late: $75
  4. APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Children must be appropriately attired for bicycle riding, sun exposure, and other active Wheel Kids events. No open-toed shoes or sandals. No loose items of clothing that may tangle in spokes or other moving parts of the bicycle.
  5. SUN PROTECTION: Wheel Kids activities are conducted almost exclusively outdoors. Appropriate and adequate sun protection should be provided. Wheel Kids may provide and/or apply sunscreen for your child (as agreed to in the Registration Form), but is not responsible for sunburn or other weather exposure. Layered clothing is highly recommended due to daily varying weather conditions.
  6. CAMP T-SHIRT: During summer camp, the Wheel Kids t-shirt provided on the first day of camp is required during field trips. It is encouraged during the rest of the week. Additional camp t-shirts are available for purchase.
  7. SIGN IN/OUT: Sign-out may be done only by adults authorized during registration or by written authorization. Identification may be requested. Children may not be left at camp or leave camp without proper sign-in and sign-out. Caregivers should depart soon after sign-in and sign-out. Staff and volunteers require background clearance and training and must be the only ones providing Wheel Kids services, directions, monitoring, etc.
  8. PAYMENT BY CHECK: Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee or the amount of the bank’s fee, whichever is greater; in addition, your registration will not be complete until payment in full is received with a valid payment, including the $25 fee.
  9. LOST & FOUND: Wheel Kids is not responsible for any lost or left-behind articles of clothing or other participant’s personal property including, but not limited to, the bicycle and bicycling equipment.
  10. PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT: Please be familiar with the terms of the Participant Agreement included in the registration process you used for the Wheel Kids event(s).